Cathy Goldstein

Cathy Goldstein

Cathy’s commitment to health care stems from her own personal experiences. She was on a path for medical school when she became very sick with Crohn’s disease, a debilitating auto immune disease. She was hospitalized several times over a course of a few years, with many surgeries to save her life. She brushed close to losing that battle. During this long illness, recover and several hospitalizations Cathy turned to the ancient art of Chinese Medicine. Receiving Acupuncture is when her health really started turning around. At this point Cathy realized that medical school was not her destiny. She knew that addressing the underlying health issues and treating the person as a whole was the sure way to health. As her career developed in Chinese Medicine, Cathy further realized the need for a way to address food and other allergies/sensitivities as well as the adverse effects of chemicals, toxins and vaccines ingredients. Adding in Neuro-emotional treatments for subconscious stressors, triggers and sabotage was the piece that fully rounded her practice to addresses health from the foundation.

Cathy Goldstein has been a practicing Acupuncture Physician for 30 years graduating in 1988 from the New England School of Acupuncture. One of the leading schools in the Integrative Health Care industry and partnered with Mass pharmacology and health sciences programs. Cathy is board certified by the national governing board, NCCAOM (National Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Cathy has been deeply involved in the bio-medicine exam development with the NCCAOM where she chaired or was a member for several years. She is also the co-chair of the PEDC (Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Committee) upholding the standards and public safety of acupuncturist nationwide.

Cathy has been trained in NAET and NET since 1993 and has advanced certifications in both NAET and NET. She has been a leading physician in bring cutting edge techniques to acupuncture, chiropractic, medical physicians, and other licensed practitioners. She has been an instructor or facilitator for NAET and NET for over 20 years. She has taught and/or certified 100’s of physicians nationally and internationally. She is committed to bringing trained physicians to the public both internationally, national, as well as right here to her local community. She has been bringing interns into her practice for over 20 years. Interning new physicians in her office and the community helps broaden awareness of advance techniques with evidence based results. She has been excited to bring awareness and natural healing to Jacksonville FL since 2008.

Cathy’s media coverage has included articles and an interview on the Health Channel. She has been featured in magazines as well as in many newspapers Including the featured Philadelphia Magazine ’30 under 30 to Watch’. She has also written articles for health publications distributed

Cathy has a special interest healthy products and especially natural skincare. She has developed and distributes her own skincare line, Tru Energy Skincare and Natural Facelift nationwide.

Statement: Treating the person as a whole means treating from both functional medicine as well as addressing the body, mind and soul. Our skin is a reflection of our health and our health is a reflection of our stressors both internally as well as externally. Be it Auto Immune, toxins, allergies, or simply frequent colds fundamentally there are three general phases or levels to health. Addressing what the body is immediately reacting to, ridding inflammation and building the immune system. If addressed correctly and completely we are given the best chance for health now and in our future. Regaining our health naturally is vitally important to the generations to come.

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