Tina Norman

Tina Norman

Tina Norman is the Office Manager and all around go to person here at Integrative Health and Allergy Center. She is committed to supporting patients in their path to finding optimal health.

Tina moved to Jacksonville from Philadelphia, PA with the goal of finding a job in the medical field. She wanted to become a patient advocate for breast cancer patients. After working at a chiropractor’s office Tina found and started working at IHAC. She realized very quickly that what the physicians at IHAC were doing was amazingly different than anything she had seen anywhere else.

As she learned more and more about holistic healthcare and the techniques being offered at IHAC she started to think that a career in traditional medicine was not the way for her anymore. She knew her future was in holistic medicine but was not sure what that looked like just yet.

After many many months of research into holistic fields, some soul searching and lots of NET she knew the path her heart and soul were telling her to take. Tina is currently in school to become a holistic nutrition coach with the hopes of one day being able to help people who struggle with eating disorders using some of the techniques being done at IHAC.

Tina is so grateful that she found IHAC. It has changed her life for the better in so many ways. Tina feels extremely blessed to be working with two amazing people like Cathy and Dr. Determan. They love what they do and it shows in the dedication to IHAC and their patients.


Jacksonville, FL
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