We understand that stress is a major symptom of patients who are dealing with allergies and other imbalances in the body. It is also a major contributor to body pain. FAST first aid stress tool is what you will learn when you treat with us.

The emotional factor

Emotions are healthy human functions and normally pose no long-lasting physiological or psychological problems. In the past, people related emotions as being primarily psychological and thought they were located only in the brain. Researchers have now proven that emotions are physiological and actually travel in many areas of the body in the form of biochemicals called neuropeptides.

It is human nature to have emotional responses to significant events in our lives. It’s also human nature for our bodies to return to a “normal” state at some point after a significant event. Sometimes, however, we can have a neuro-physiological deficit at the time of a significant event and an emotional response can become “locked” in our bodies.

We call these “locked” emotional responses Neuro Emotional Complexes (NECs). NECs have reflex patterns very much like the conditioned response Pavlov documented so well in his experiments with dogs and ringing bells. Eventually, our “locked” negative emotional responses (conscious or unconscious) can manifest as symptoms. The result is ill-health or an imbalance in one or more areas of our lives.

The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a methodology used to normalize unresolved physical and/or behavioral patterns that have become “locked” in your body. NET practitioners are trained to assist the body’s own healing process by identifying and eliminating our unresolved NECs.

Before the discovery of neuropeptides (now known to carry emotions throughout the body), emotions were considered to be largely in the domain of psychology. Now emotions are also considered within the domain of acupuncturists, chiropractor, medical doctors and other vitalistic health care practitioners.

NET is not a “talk-it-out” therapy, nor is it a substitute for psychological or psychiatric therapy. NET is used by psychotherapists and health care practitioners of all disciplines in tandem with their other techniques to quickly enhance their patients’ results. NET practitioners are trained to refer to the appropriate specialist, when indicated.

NET seeks to normalize neurological imbalances using a physical correction. NET removes the blocks to the body’s natural healing process, allowing it to repair itself. It is important to realize that these corrections don’t make life’s problems go away. However, a person with a balanced nervous system can usually deal with life’s problems more effectively.

Although we find emotions are a component of health care, it is also very important to understand that any problem can include many factors. Complete healing begins when all of the factors are addressed. The NET practitioner observes and corrects each “base” of the baseball diamond as it surfaces. Thus, your return to health is actually a “peeling” process, in harmony with the natural timing of the body’s own healing wisdom.