We have a holistic perspective when identifying the source of your pain. With each patient we look at the following three key areas that interrelate to one another:

  • Structural
  • Bio-chemical
  • Emotional

Every aspect of your body is connected. A health problem on one level can affect other areas of your body, causing the body to be in pain.
For example, a bulged disk can be caused by incorrect eating habits, stress or a chemical imbalance. We evaluate the body’s imbalances and direct a course of treatment to create natural body balance, resulting in long-term health and well-being.

Treatments vary depending on each person’s unique patterns determined by their evaluation and testing. Core solutions may involve specific gentle joint manipulation, allergy elimination, acupuncture, nutrition, addressing environmental irritants, or various reflex procedures or myo-fascial procedures. We utilize kinesiology, a unique muscle testing technique to determine if an adjustment is safe and effective for you.

Our healing approach is natural, safe and effective!