Acupuncture Injection Therapy is the injection of homeopathic solutions, saline, vitamins (like B-12) or Chinese herbs into acupuncture points to address pain, spasms, inflammation, trauma, fatigue, vitamin deficiencies and more. AIT is effective for the restoration of both acute and chronic symptoms related to specific conditions. AIT, often referred to as Bio-Puncture, is performed by AIT certified Acupuncture Physicians who complete an additional 60 hour certification program and clinical training. Depending on the condition and symptoms AIT can be used for optimal healing.

AIT B-12: Used for vitamin deficiency with symptoms including but not limited to fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, lack of stamina or concentration, breathlessness, numbness and poor balance.

AIT Homeopathic Traumeel Solution: Spasms, pain, acute or chronic tissue trauma, pre and post-surgery.

Homeopathic Lymphomyosot Solution: lymphatic drainage and assists detoxification, non-specific immune defense, lymphatic edema and fluid retention, helps maintain peripheral circulation.

Homeopathic Collagen Solution: skin tone improvement, stimulation of connective tissue metabolism.

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